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[ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >>pam: tonight at 5:00 p.m. or that the football game in oakland. >> we are coming loud. >>pam: they look demented but the fans are simply devoted. also, the story behind this fatal crash in walnut creek. with this red pickup truck. he has a history of drunken driving convictions. >> and also the body of
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youngstron. debts a hero's honor who was killed on the job. we're learning more details about the memorial service for kenyon yons rom. >> the memorial service will be this thursday. in vacaville. this is video from this morning as the body was taken from the coroner. the c h p vehicles and the fire trucks were showing a american flag. it is been nearly one week since he was shot and killed during a traffic stop. and this married father of four will be honored at the mission church in leasure tow road. there is expected to be a reception
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in the gymnasium. >> one woman is in critical condition and one woman is dead after they were struck by this red truck. this is the driver. he is being held on $50,000 bail for vehicular manslaughter. he has been convicted of drunken driving in the past. on a saturday night he hit those women as they walked in front of that marriott hotel and park side drive in walnut creek. the cause is still under investigation. drug and alcohol testing are still pending. maureen kelly? >> maureen this small memorial sits on the side where this woman is where this woman was mauled it down. she is identified as jerry hicks of santa barbara. the married mother
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of three grown the children was in town if visiting her son who was recently married. they were walking outside of the hotel when this happened. she died instantly. the daughter in law was sent to the hospital in critical condition. sherry was a teacher at a charter school. her co- workers said that she was a beautiful person. who will be very best. >> she was. bubbly. >> at tammy inot worked across the street cured, she was excited that she got her.. she was getting ready. >> a 711 store clerk in milpitas was murdered. this weekend. rob fladeboe has
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the latest on the investigation to try to find the killer. >> i did not even know somebody got killed i just thought that it was a hold up. or something i was surprised. >>reporter: neighbors say that some of these people at that are leaving flowers on it millepede is boulevard at the 711 are shocked that a clerk with killed. >> this shows you how breeze in and willing the suspect was willing to take these risks. >>reporter: they were called to this 711 on thursday after reported a man was down inside the store. as officers arrived. >> he was suffering from a gunshot wound. and he was pronounced deceased at the scene is treated as a homicide. >>reporter: as the reveal a very little about this case it is an apparent hold up. nonetheless it is still a top party. calling on
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witnesses to come forward. >> the detectives are working around the clock on this and even that several other detectives are contributing to this assignment. we take the protection of our community very seriously. >> several customers tell kron 4 that they are shaken up from less violence and from this quiet community in and until this he had no problems until the wanted to stop late. >> sometimes even a leader. it to purchase something for myself. or purchasing milk. but now it is scared. >> in the milpitas, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >>pam: air quality saying that they are determined to to determine the air quality around refineries after the massive fire at the short run facility in richmond. dan kerman spoke
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to the head of the air district and joins us with the details. this was surprising. >>reporter: that is correct. with no real time reporting possible with carbon for what people need to know. a special with those neighborhoods that were impacted by the fire. the meeting today with state and federal regulators and chevron officials were being updated on the fire and what could be better prepared for next time and prevention. the chemical safety board said that they are continuing to look at a leaking pipe that should have been replaced earlier. also weather to determine if the section of that pipe should have been shut down. they are taking full responsibility. since this was an informational
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hearing they will not take specific action but clear marching orders. >> what we can expect and direct our staff to do is to work with outside experts to increase and improve air quality and other industrial facilities and refineries. and also to develop a rule that will attract emissions at refineries and require them to pay for increased monitoring and traffic. >>reporter: prior to this agreement they reached this agreement with an additional air monitors. you are looking at these locations and also others near the refinery district fence line. however these locations perhaps are not the best city for the most monitoring. >>pam: what about steps that could prevent this from happening again?
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>>reporter: to replace that crude unit, they will it meet new units. and they will be able to require that the will of the best and the newest technology. require insurers to put that into place just one of the steps. chevron to finance that. it also recommendations of what regulations they to be implemented, changed. if they are in agreement and what steps they can take. >>pam: people in richmond will be waiting at thank you, dan. >> excitement in oakland. it is the oakland raiders' home opener. j. r. stone is outside of the coliseum and some people have been building since sunrise? >> not just some of these, a lot of these fans! sense to p.m. but they have been out here by the stadium since early this morning. let me
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show you and the distance. all of these fans i am telling you about. since-- 2:00 p.m. you can see it is at least dozens and dozens leasttents.. out here fans are excited about the oakland raiders getting back into the action card and talking about the traffic you can see 66th avenue in is slow going. however, it is better than it was a couple of hours ago i left san francisco and it took me over two hours just to get to the coliseum your we have been in the midst of this for most of the day. kron 4's for haazig madyun has been talking about the other elements of this story. >> toll readers! >> this is--go ra faniders
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radiers! >> this is season opener were cannot go to better the mess. >> with the season opener, a new coach we welcome this. >> it is a new era with al davis gone we need to make it good for him. >> the spirit is here! go radiers! >> it looks like a 49ers but to not get tangled with us we're die-hard readers raiders fans. >> are you ready for some fafootball? >> one thing is for certain is they certainly like making noise. and who says that they will not show up for oakland raiders? every
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game last season was sold out and it looks to be th year a different section of this year it is all different. in an nfl stadiums there are new requirements with metal detectors. they believe that the longer lines is why these fans are encouraged to get into the stadium earlier than usual. and also you can listen listento ice cubbe.. the will be listening and performing it is all about the story. >> grant lotus? >>reporter: it is congested. they are watching interstate 880. right where that is and traffic in both directions is not doing that well as around the coliseum.
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northbound is slow and southbound with speeds under 20 m.p.h. around the coliseum. its increases in each direction but certainly hot spots in both directions on interstate 880. we will be tracking traffic all evening. >>pam: coming up at 5:00 p.m. this man that was kidnapping these children onto a yacht is now facing charges in court. >> sizing up the and ithe president obama and mitt romney and were people are facing their attention to. also chicago teachers there a mass of labor dispute
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>>catherine: president obama has returned to the white house. mitt romney is an ohio. the latest showing encouraging members to president obama after his weekend in florida. the gallup poll and the cn and polls are showing an increase over mitt romney the 5/6 points respectively. the white house is trying to downplay this. >> we've always known that this would be a very close
5:16 pm
race. >>catherine: the post- convention relieve never happened. in ohio he was blasting of, for what he did not say at the democratic convention. >> i was surprised at the speech he did not mention unemployment. he did not mention 47 million people are on food stamps. >>catherine: this memo went out to the camp same campaign workers to not need to get too worked up. ending that mitt romney will have victory however for the first time since the month of april democrats have been out racing the republicans. with these totals. and on the other hand august was the third consecutive month of the republicans raised more than $100 million. mitt romney has put more aside for the general election campaign. it has come down to who can come to a key
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battleground states. obama is leading that romney in the state of ohio but is having more difficulty in north carolina. ohio is a key. no republican has ever gained victory without achieving victory in ohio. >> this is in chicago. it has just started and 400,000 students are out of the classroom and. negotiators are trying to bring both sides together. they say that there is no violence or problems from this strike. >> the fbi has arrested tony from a corrupt corruption earlier today. this investigation has been under way for at least two years. this is just weeks after his home and office was raided.
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facing questions about public office funds. >> a discouragin disturbing-discovery. that's part of a hantaviru s... the woman is being treated. she has respiratory issues. these three people have already been died that have contracts to this in california. >> this is damage from new york city in queens and the other in brooklyn with downed power lines and downed trees. people trying to clear the decree would also stormy weather in buffalo. buildings are being checked to make sure that they are structurally strong your kron 4 7 day around the bay
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(music) >> we're taking a look at the fog >> jacqueline: it is expected to return overnight. more on that but forest for current conditions. " warmer for the inland valleys and upper 80s. we did reach 90 near livermore. san francisco, 76 degrees in fremont and 81 degrees in the san jose. temperatures are comfortable as we go towards tomorrow. the wind however is going to subside in the north with more widespread fog expected for tomorrow. it should be clinging to the coast. with a bit cooler for tomorrow afternoon wednesday, their state a bit of a warm up. mainly confined to the coast with sunny skies everywhere else. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be close to where we were, in a with a
5:20 pm
few degrees cooler on the bayshore is in the coast. yet, 80s with a 74 degrees in mountain view and 78 in santa. 85 degrees in morgan hill. the inland valleys showing other areas with 80 degrees in antioch. 87 degrees and pleasanton, concord and the east bayshore could be down a few degrees. with a 67 degrees in berkeley. 73 degrees in hayward. and also the fog is expected to linger with temperatures in the 50s. also cooler in san francisco with the sea breezes a bit stronger. in the north bay, mainly in the 80s with 70's possible. petaluma, and 78 degrees and of vallejo store with a look at your extended forecast. as we look for the rest of this week is expected to be warmer temperatures. and the fog will return and going right back down. remember, that
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you can get the latest on our to watch all the speeches, uninterrupted, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. quick, convenient. the 24/7 on comcast 193.
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>> bears football fever in the bay area. --with football fever. the new owner, general manager we ask you on our facebook fan page will be raiders be expected to return to excellence? this says that they could not have a good of a year but some of this showing some positive outlook. with all of these comments. and in 2012, 2013
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>>pam: the father are accused of kidnapping his own children taking them to a high seas boat ride is in court for the first time we will have reactions. the big wild fires over the biggest are burning in california and the estimate on when they could be knocked down. >> caught on camera and anything but typical building demolition. the crews were saying oops.. to the dust settled.
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kidnapping his young children and trying to escape on a stolen yacht made his first court appearance. this, as adding in another twist. this is the children's mother driving the black car. she was leaving late friday night. the coast guard rescued the children from a stolen a yacht. last week he took his children and tried to flee on a sailboat. a fisherman recognized the boat and authorities found him at sea. as teresa and estacio reports he had an emotional outburst. >>reporter: the san mateo court house was where he was extremely anxious during his agreement. he looked out into the courthouse into the courtroom see who was in the court room. no cameras were allowed. this was a short hearing. as the judge was wrapping up. all of a sudden the father started speaking
5:32 pm
loudly. he stood behind a glass wall with his hands shackled wearing an orange uniform said " with all due respect my children have been put right into. there were being abused. he attempted to continue but the judge interrupted. he said to onl--the judge was advising him to only speak to these attorney. kidnapping, a violation of a custody decrees, willful cruelty towards a child, burglary and buying/using stolen equipment. the mother had said this to say. that she was very upset about the outburst there is no true... . as a pediatric nurse it is in my profession to help
5:33 pm
children and not harm them. he remains in custody with bail at one half million dollars. he will be back in court on september 17th his case will be continued. in redwood city, to resell as talk show, kron 4 news. >>pam: an armed robbery suspect shot by his victim. as this robbery attempt was caught sleeping neighbors off guard. >>reporter: this happened to near this car the off- duty officer was outside with his friend of the suspect tried to rob them. however he does not know that this is an off-duty police officer that was carrying a gun. to get into some confrontation with shots fired. this happened at 2:00 a.m. right near lake merritt. you can see how busy this area is with town homes, condominiums and cars going by. we had a chance to speak to a passerby.
5:34 pm
>> i heard from gunshots four pops and shortly after that i heard somebody yelling down, down. a woman went down the street and came back up and within minutes there were several police cars up and down the street. >>reporter: the oakland police department are arrested six people with strings of robberies. we do not know of the suspect was shot this morning was connected to those robberies. he was rushed to the hospitals to non-life threatening injuries. police officer and not injured. reporting from oakland, kron 4. >>pam: the california wildfires with hundreds of homes being threatened by there are to you while fires in the northern portion of the state. already these places nearly 10,000 a. have
5:35 pm
been consumed. charles clifford has more details. >>reporter: there are over eight active fires within seven in northern california let me show you the newest and dangerous fires using google earth. let me show you the scotts' fire it is near ukiah and lake county. this started and over 4,600 a. have been charred. homes are being threatened. the flames are moving east- southeast this event you wish in warning has been issued a between highway 20 in the to the north and hendricks towards the south with only 50 percent containment. the other dangerous fire is the stafford fire. in trinity county this police is 5 mi. to the south of this town of hayfork 44 a. have burned
5:36 pm
with over 200 properties and danger. wildwood rude indicated by the blue on the eastern portion of the burn zone is still shut down. cal fire has only 45 percent containment. charles clifford, kron 4. >>catherine: a man that has been detained in guantanamo bay has died. authorities say that he was non- responsive during a routine check in the is the ninth detainee to have died. it is not sure if he was died of natural causes or committed suicide. >> u.s. officials are confirming that this man has been killed a al shurri... is a major blow to the terror group toward the u.s.
5:37 pm
is denying any involvement of this missile was fired by a u.s. operations unmanned drown... >> after two more earthquakes in china over the weekend several people have been killed over 80 people have been killed with homes collapsed, and mountains after aftershocks could continue today. thousands of tents have been delivered and more are on the way. >> lockett is a bird, a plane is actually a flying president take a look! this is vladidir putnoun. show. knowing that this is taking the fladeboe lead bird.
5:38 pm
>> take a look if this florida parking garage however construction crews were working on the demolition of an old court house. the parking garage fell down instead with this cloud of dust. no injuries. among check got this that and this decided to really scare the news crew. after a few tries the bat.. was caught. as the kids had back-to-school you could be tempted to celebrate this month in massachusetts was so happy she was breaking out into dance. with no cheery goodbyes. apparently, the music was michael jackson beat it "...
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>>pam: there is trouble on the u.s. economy and china with stocks lower. here are the numbers. the dow closed 52 points ending at 30,000 to 54. the nasdaq lost 32 points. and the s&p 500 dropped nine points to 4029. >> the winners, the losers with robert black let us start with hewlett-packard. now, they're going to comment 29,000. they're going to cut 29,000 jobs. >> it is going to be difficult for the employees but better for the stock . it is stock'rightsizing. on wall street. really, it is a
5:43 pm
it slow moving machine they do not have tablets or smart phones which is what people are using with desktops, notebooks be used less and less. >> off a ig is selling a larger stake in their portion of the company what is your thoughts of the bailout. >> there were several stressed out phases during this four years ago. it is nice to see that it is starting to come back. and that it was a good investment for the united states government. not much of a story for a i g but the u.s. government could show a bit of a recovery from the collapse. many people doubted that we could have seen it this day. >> 400,000 children out of class in chicago. this it
5:44 pm
difficult portion. >> you can see that we could see that city's could start taking back you need to be careful on what to expect. >> just like jay leno and now he is showing that this show was not going that well. >> it is a bit of a weird story. the budget is gone from $100 million. and nbc/universal is operated by comcast i did not think that he is as noble. it is
5:45 pm
believed to be ratings. comcast is a bit more stingy with dollars. >> we could live on the $15 million paycheck that he earns! >> it is been sunny, warm. on the bay bridge toll plaza where we are seeing sunny skies and even along the golden gate. clear conditions and a sliver of this fog remaining but you can see more sunshine and cloud coverage from the bridge. clear skies and the wind out of the north. pretty much has cleared along the coast. with a tiny sliver remaining on the san mateo coast. temperatures warm. on the inland valleys we did get to the '90s and livermore concord and san francisco was in the low 70's. 67 and '80s in the north bay and also north peace in the soutnorth-'80s. we
5:46 pm
will see stronger winds. sea breeze could increase fog tour of the entire bay. sunny skies expected with a little bit of change and temperatures. cooler toward with a warming trend continuing on wednesday towards friday. temperatures tomorrow afternoon with plenty of 80s in the south bay. and also in morgan hill with upper 80s in a number of the opera inland valley locations antioch. 87 degrees in pleasanton, livermore and the east a shores could be just a touch cooler. with this 60 however that fog is expected to linger for tomorrow afternoon with 50s and 60s. 64 degrees in san francisco
5:47 pm
down several degrees. in the north bay mainly in the 80s although 79 in petaluma. and 78 in vallejo. a look at your extended forecast pretty extensive fog. with the middle and the end of the week it could be limited to the coast. with warmer conditions but as that fog returns cooler conditions will prevail. remember, , go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. quick, convenient and always on. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> stanley thestest-this was issued to parents even referenced in the flyer that you could be caught on film in a people behaving badly segment parents did not get
5:48 pm
the memo or read the flier because there are two separate zones. each are 100 ft. long but many of the parents chose to drop off the children in the red zone which is also known as the school bus zone. >> please do not fill me. >> do not put me on camera. >> i am standing on the street. >> you are on the campus. >> some of these people did not get the fire. am i would like your identification >> i am with channel 4. >> channel 4? >> the administrator had also a short memory because after i showed her my identification from kron 4 she forgot to mention that when she called the police. while shooting this segment i was described as a man in an orange vest with a large
5:49 pm
camera video taping children on campus and refusing to leave. >> we did not get the updated information. >> not only was i saying that children are being dropped off in front of the handicapped son, and the school bus zone but this is a bus stop for the students and it is also a red zone and a drop-off point. at some point however it became a parking lot toward this s u v was parked your for so long this school bus was forced to dropoff stood as one half block away and remember. please follow all of your traffic rules, parents. parentsf y i it is also a around many of the schools and pleasanton. at foothill high school, stanley roberts, kron 4.
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, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. fast it is 24-7. let me show you. there are several differences these cycled through. and the seven day forecast also featured at the news crawl giving you the latest updates from the kron 4 news room. all of these are updated all of the time. with a quick update give us feedback of what you think from our kron 4 facebook fan page.
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5:57 pm
different officer involved shootings. and that taliban is making threats against prince harry. they want him dead or captured. what he thinks about these threats.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> the police chief talking to the public about the vallejo rash of violence. >> also tonight c h p is escorting the body of the fallen officer also, the latest for the football fan at the oakland coliseum. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >>pam: new at 6:00 p.m. a
6:00 pm
vallejo police chief is on the hot seat. this is video from the most recent incident. police officers killed a man and hurt another after one suspect tried to reach for a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun. kate thompson is live outside vallejo city hall. >> kate? >>reporter: tensions are expected to run high. you can see that family and friends have been gathering outside of city hall. there will be holding a small demonstration before confronting the police chief. this is a picture of 23 year-old the latest victim. police fired three shots into the car caught 4:00 a.m. last sunday. police say that he tried to get out of the car and grabbed at his waistband and
6:01 pm
turned towards them. it turned out to be a pellet gun. however the police chief is defending the actions with lethal force was admissible. however the family is demanding proof of the exit of the car and they been protesting the chute. he has been on parole for a weapons violation. tonight the police chief will be in front of the citizens' advisory board. we will have more on that. reporting live, kate thompson >>pam: this c h p officer shot and murdered will be honored. this is video from this morning. as he was taken from the corner wor forer office. people lining the street that a married father of a 4 will be honored this thursday at the
6:02 pm
mission street in vacaville on leisure town of rd. it will begin at 10:00 a.m. it has been almost one week since of a surf youngstru was killed this is video of that crime. the gunman, christopher lac oney is killed by a another officer. it has been nearly one month since a pipe leak at the chevron refinery in richmond it turned into a huge fire. sending thousands of people to bay area hospitals. air monitoring showed some indication of what people were breathing, the air district admits that monitoring is simply not good enough. district board has directed its staff to enhance air monitoring a around the bay area refineries. >> i think we need more monitoring. we need to increase, improve it and that will be our challenge for the experts to come up
6:03 pm
with. it does not mean that we do good monitoring but it could be better. >> they say that rebuilding the crude units. that caught fire at the chevron refinery will require a new permit. that means that the board can mandate with the best technology available. it could prevent these types of events from happening again them. >> homicide investigators are on the hunt for the gunman who shot and killed a man and san francisco. the victim lawrence richardson, was hit by gunfire while leaving a grocery store in the month of april. this area is a busy and thriving neighborhood. they're hoping that somebody will come forward who saw something. >> football is in full swing in the bay area. yesterday, the 49ers head a game that was away tonight the oakland raiders are taking on the san diego
6:04 pm
chargers. kron 4 is monitoring the impact of traffic, bart but first, j. r. stone what is the atmosphere like? it is busy and popping. i tell you that if your coming out here? you may want to check out 667 or you could be waiting. it is slow going in the distance. checkout 66 t h. >> some people but a look at some of these people. you see these people in the parking lot that have been out here all day tailgating. they opened up the skate around 2:00 p.m. but people have been waiting since sunrise. kron 4's haazig madyun was here and in the midst of this insanity and picks up the story from there. >>reporter: with kids, costumes, cars, it must be time for oakland raiders
6:05 pm
football >> and a serious tailgating you are looking at the 66th avenue. this is a tailgate tradition. this homemade cafe berkeley showing you the ingredients. the more red onion, tomato, pork, tomato, onions and barbecue sauce. >> and washing it down a to make this inspired by the margarita called a rader rita with 1800 anc ice and gives it a whirl.. these fans are ready to be cheering on their team to victory. and haazig madyun
6:06 pm
kron 4. >>reporter: into the distance you can see those blue tents now, this new technology showing you metal detectors. showing rapper ice cube will be performing. i just received a video of the raiders practicing more on this in sports with sports director, gary radnich, coming up >>pam we are tracking traffic along interstate 880. because of the game the coliseum is beinshowing some difficult conditions on 880, northbound. it is slow going before the coliseum and well as after the coliseum. not nearly as bad but it has improved since we spoke one
6:07 pm
hour ago. for some of these they could have hopped over because there were trouble areas on the 580. however this commute time is a bit more congested because of these raiders and chargers came set to kick off at 7:15 >>reporter: you can see that hundreds of thousands of people have chosen public transportation. the raiders' season opener against the san diego chargers. the trains have been packed with fans making the pilgrimage. to see the oakland raiders, there were making their way to the game and part helped in the effort. there were seven extra trains accommodating heavier than usual as people were rushing to the coliseum to see this season opener jeff bush, kron 4. >>pam: artur women that were
6:08 pm
mowed down after--there were two women that were run over. one woman is dead at the other is clinging to life. sherri hicks was killed. she was visiting in town visiting her son and his new wife. they're walking on main street. hicks died instantly. the daughter in law is in critical condition. maureen kelly has more on their criminal history of the accused driver. >>reporter: they do not know why walnut creek driver drove his red pickup truck onto the sidewalk toward the impact of the fatal collision left this between a light pole and a retaining wall. drug, alcohol tests are pending but the department of motor vehicles is showing that he had a history of driving under the influence. in 2005 he was arrested in california for
6:09 pm
eight d.u.i.. his license was suspended for access to blood alcohol. also, he had a second suspension and 200 sex. however the record not state why. four years after his initial conviction his driving privileges were reinstated after he completed courses. after the fatal crash he faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter. >>pam: milpitas police are pulling out all the stops to stop that first homicide of 2012. it happened early saturday morning. at the 711 on north milpitas. somebody called 911 before 2:00 a.m. the reporting that there was a demand down inside of the store. the officers found this employee that had been shot dead. it was a hold up. the convenience store is just one block away from the police station. >> this is just very close
6:10 pm
and how willing and breeze in the suspect was willing to take it. in general, milpitas is a very safe place we take this very seriously it is our only homicide this year. we are pulling out all the stops. the detectives are working around the clock. several others are also helping with this investigation. >>pam: as of late monday they have not released the name of the victim or any information about a possible suspect. several members of this quiet neighborhood have left flowers outside the store. >>reporter: it has been more. temperatures in the >> jacqueline: 80s in some areas and also in the north-prey. however temperatures have been changing with details on that, coming up. >> i can say because i heard
6:11 pm
the president say this and well as others around him that we holies believed that this will be a very close race. >>pam: the white house spokesperson commenting and no one candidate is getting a boost. the latest fund raising efforts and decision 2012. , a deadly accident of the motorcade how it happened at the officer who was killed [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
6:12 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
6:13 pm
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6:14 pm
>>catherine: decision 2012. both candidates showing that it is president obama getting a significant post- convention it lead with a 52% in an earlier poll the candidates were tied at 48%, each. >> for the first time since the month of april the democrats have raised more money than the republicans. it raised more cash than the romney campaign. the democrats showing these numbers. romney raised $111 million. more people money and h of august the average donation was $58. >> the president was back at the white house and romney
6:15 pm
was trying to diffuse the latest poll numbers of lasting peac-blasting the president about the jobs report. , i was surprised at the democratic national convention that the president did not mention unemployment. 47 million people are on food stamps. by the way, that is a record number and not a good record. when he took office there were 32 million people >> locking down key battle states president obama that we learned has opened up a lead in ohio but having a difficult time gaining ground in north carolina. ohio is key. no republican has ever got into the white house would ever getting victory in the state of ohio. >> this bear hug was also a big surprise to the secret service. he was thrilled when the president obama and
6:16 pm
opened up and he said he was the biggest pizza shop owner he gave him a big bear hug. and suddenly, some nervous laughter but the president was a good sport. it was a spur of the moment and admitted that the secret service did not know he was going to do this. he was caught up in the moment. >> social media is also planning a big role. coming up who has been generating the most for buzz.. >>pam: president obama in expressing condolences after this traffic accident while he was visiting florida. andrew spencer has more. >>reporter: this motorcycle accident was on interstate 95 in west palm beach florida. a flo ford was
6:17 pm
struck. >> he was a 20 year veteran of the police to apartment and 18 years as an officer. >> he was rushed to the trauma center or family, friends, converted each other and this accident is still being investigated. >> this is being investigated with the palm beach and california highway patrol. >> this rally took place and mr. obama did not see the crash " was notified about the death. the president's thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family it is not clear if there will be any charges against the truck driver. ahoy he is survived by his wife and four children. >>reporter: >> jacqueline: temperatures warm inland. temperatures were 90's in the livermore
6:18 pm
and concord area and also with 82 degrees in sinophile. 80s in napa and even 70 degrees and san francisco this afternoon for the next several days we will have more fog toward the sea breeze will pack up and more fog expected the wind reversal thursday, friday with warmer conditions inland. we will be back going towards a 90 degrees. as we take a look get the satellite the fog is near the coast with wind subsiding. a strong as the breeze that will be picking up helping that fog reform elite. they look at temperatures tomorrow mainly in the 80s. 80s and san jose and also 80s in milpitas. the inland valley is showing upper 80s with 80s in antioch. 80s in pleasanton 60s, 70's for the east bay
6:19 pm
shore toward 73 degrees in hayward. temperatures will stay cool along the coast with false expected to linger. 60 and also that fog expected to linger. with a look at your extended forecast with foggy conditions. however mostly sunny skies for the rest of the week but that could been cooler conditions , go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. it is quick, convenient and always on. it is the new 24/7 on comcast 193 >>pam: annamese and afghanistan want to kidnap prince harry. now the prince is responding to those threats. a big deal of the office is standing by
6:20 pm
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>> welcome back prince harry has been a target. >> is a bit scary when you think about it. to be a top target. >>reporter: that taliban spokesman, is saying that this is the harry operation. and on to another harry, harry potter emma watson.. you could get a call percent chance of getting malware and mcafee was the top get a virus. and
6:24 pm
al pacion could portray loe paterno.. he is slated to portray his life. " in any given sunday " is also a football game from el pacino. >> ryan ronald and lively tied the knot. ryan renaul renault was previously married to scarlet johansson, previously
6:25 pm
>> coming
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
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>>reporter: in oakland it is all the raiders as the open up the regular season against the chargers. you can see in the distance a packed parking lot at the coliseum. it was once full of tents.. but now, people are making their way inside the stadium but it could be slow going over two hours just to get to san francisco the game time is at 7:15 to our stone, kron 4. >>reporter: the tailgate party were die-hard reader fans are hosting their annual overnight party. for the n f l 2012 season. >> these fans are fans for
6:31 pm
humanity. >> always having a good time. the season opener with n f l not getting an error better. >> this is rader nation. kron 4 haazig madyun >>reporter: and in red it would city. redwood city, house of father who allegedly kille kidnapped his children-- he took them on to is:yacht and was overtaken by the coast guard. however he was claiming that they were in an abusive situation with their mother. >>reporter: in vallejo the police chief with an officer
6:32 pm
involved shooting are disputing the account of what happened. 23 year-old ramiro was shot on sunday when he was shot in his car. the police is defending their actions of using deadly force. they are in front of the citizens advisory board tonight reporting in vallejo, kate thompson, kron 4 >> ross rookery m this neighborhood organizations ast mercury we can keep his job. they asked to write to the board of supervisors and how his life has ben for mirkirimi. >>reporter: the air district
6:33 pm
will give an update of the fire from the cheexplosion and t they plan to enhance the number of air monitors a round at the refineries in the bay area. officials are also saying that they want these refineries themselves to pay for this enhanced monitoring dan kerman, kron 4. >>reporter: in walnut creek behind me is a moral of what is left after a deadly accident sherry hicks of santa barbara was walking with her son and daughter- in-law when a man drove on the sidewalk. she was killed instantly in the daughter and lau was transported with critical condition. the driver was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. there is a prior dui conviction. >> in california there is eight wild fires with seven in northern california up
6:34 pm
toward the scotts' fire and stafford fire had burned over 10,000 a. with five moderate rooms being threatened. this stafford fire is 44% contained in the scotts' fire in lake count is only 15% contained. charles crawford, kron 4. >> our big weather story is up and down. we are respecting the fog to return. with fog in the morning. wednesday, thursday but that fog will be along the coast. more sunshine and warmer temperatures. tomorrow afternoon 80s. 82 in sunnyvale. 80 and san jose and the inland valleys also showing 80s but upper 80s and other areas. 87 degrees and pleasanton with '60s and '70s for the east bayshore. will be equal along the coast with cool expected to linger. also
6:35 pm
cool and san francisco. '70s and '80s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with fog wednesday, thursday and less fog with warmer conditions. but that fog is expected to return for the weekend and it will help cool things down. a bit more comfortable for the inland valleys. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you are trying to get a taxi cab? >> is this counterproductive? >> football season is in full gear but i could not think of a better place than with the raider fans. >> every car must block to. during the. yellow. >> from people blocking the traffic and cars blocking the traffic. >> these people are going to
6:36 pm
start crying. >> coming up tonight at 8:00 p.m. we will spend time with raider nation. in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> decision 2012. with the republican and democratic conventions wrapping up who [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
6:37 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward.
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>> social media plays a big brawl with obama generating 50,000 tweets per minute. hope president obama generating the most. them with two parties, two weeks. the republican convention was active on at least tend
6:40 pm
different social media platforms. all of these. with democrats at least four. the tweets repeated to the republican national convention were over 4 million. that democratic was over a couple of million over just the second night a minute as mitt romney accepted his nomination. >> thank you! (cheers & applause) >>reporter: paul ryan was 6700. hitting high notes like this one. >> and i hope it is not a deal breaker but my please list starts with the ctc and ends with led zeppelin. >> to put it this not even come close to michelle obama of 20,000 tweets permanent. >> we got so much more to do. >> bill clinton did a lot of talking with a lot of
6:41 pm
tweaking. with 22,000 tweets per minute as he concluded his remarks. the reason between the gap is that this study between the american independent showing that more and dependent counterparts showing more impact from social media. >>pam: you will get the best seat with the most exciting events of the year. it is the blue angels, live. it is part of san francisco's fleet week. you do not want to strain your neck. we will give you the latest, saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m. >> coming up a record setting u.s. open final involving two of the best players. coming up and their
6:42 pm
readers are just moments away from kicking off their season on monday night. j. r. stone is live from the from coliseum
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
among the 49ers but the football world on notice. alex smith. and randy moss with a semi limited use. it's the first touchdown of the season. and david acres as a dislike to acresdoink. tying 63 yrd and tom dempson and frank gore with rushig over if several yards and jim harbaugh or team.
6:46 pm
>> we are going to be playing in front everybody doing a great job hustling. it is yang and yin. >> just one week from last night at the sunday night football the national broadcast of the forty- niners and the detroit 49ers. a great start. >> the raiders are just a few moments away from the first time in 50 years with out l. davis. than romancing the stone with a check our stone. and j.r. stone. >>reporter: i can tell you that they to not have paul davis but there is a rapper called ice cube. >> does he used the term what's cracking...
6:47 pm
>>reporter: thank you. and i ask because he is performing for some of those fans. who else was down there on the field? reggie mckenzie. he started having his name chanted. he was signing autographs and assigning and shaking hands. he was excited and the players were prepared as i mentioned some people were getting ready but the majority of the people were outside. and i was meeting with the people that were tailgating. many have been here since early gone. they did not open the skate until 2:00 p.m. but i want to show you of what they said. >> look at this. butter
6:48 pm
yeah! raiders! we are coping with the special sauce. the menu are a raiders fan you have to go the oall the way! >> tell me if the eagles? but what is going on? >> i like to have a reference. >> that is bold. >> that is how we do it in philadelphia. >> with the least amount of clothing. >> i have to say that is how we live every day. >> it was quite the afternoon of these fans are excited. the ladies were asking where is gary radnich? we want to meet gary! the game time is 7:15 >> the women come to me. and let me ask you. i always ask you that you are 6 ft. 5 in.
6:49 pm
you probably played football? >> yes. >> let us talk about that. >> i was more of a basketball and baseball player. and some tight and but i missed one of these large tackles. i got ran over. and he said stone, your mama loves you, now, your mama hates you. a lo [laughter] >> now, he is it is great to have you but as we do this is nice to have somebody with football experience. fabulous, j.r.. >> back to you, gary radnich. >> he has a future!
6:50 pm
>> the report can be fine but if you suck up to me... you can be here a long time. >> that works for me >> now that is a reporter! [laughter] >> have you ever noticed that somebody would perhaps fall in the month but it is for traditional but this is to amend communicating two- man committee kidding and the u.s. open quite a final! and you have seen it that this had to be moved to monday. and and the murray could not be stopped. and andy murray with 4 hours
6:51 pm
and 55 minutes and your new champ andy murray wins in 5 the first brit to win since 1936. paula kramer grew up in pleasanton and got rich and moved to florida she used to be on the air here all the time but now she does not return our calls! [laughter] >> and a matter what she has victory. sh fasti--shin a
6:52 pm
winner. and this guy was a winner to get the big paydays you have to be very exciting. chad dawson could not take any more with a andre ward and some people calling him some of the buggest.. to see andre ward and michael jordan will say that he will take the money but he does not want to work much more any more. partial owner of the bobcats but also no did not want to the general manager.
6:53 pm
he cannot be scouting players when he is as famous as he is. they will fly someone else out to do the grunt work. >> the arkansas fight song is a bit unusual
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> the arkansas fight song. they were upset with louisiana, and monroe. trying to cheer them up with this song. >> there is no where in the world than i would rather be than... >> it is kind of cute. but i do not know about that choice of costume. and she
6:57 pm
has a good voice. got a bit different. we will see you at 8:00 p.m.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
. it's time to take you deeper inside tonight's top story. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> tom hanks paying tribute to his fallen co-star. >> he was just a big crate of love and laughs. >> we're at the church today for michael clarke duncan's funeral. >> his tee yan say's touching final tribute. >> i just loved him. >> then -- >> big wedding news. >> blake lively from gossip girl married ryan reynolds. >> were these stars at the reception? the cell phone ban at the ceremony. >> inside an event planner's strict rules to keeping a swlebryty wedding secret. >> anyone who works on any of my events signs confidentiality agreements. >> and where we spotted ryan's ex-wife getting close with her ex-boyfriend. amanda

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